Views of South West England

I love walking, that is a fact.  But I am fortunate that I am able to be fussy; I like walking along forests, coastal paths, beaches… I like cities but in small doses.  I love the wind on my face, the smell of the sea, the sounds of birds, trees, streams, ocean – all the sounds that get added to your archetypal yoga music collection!

I have done a small few already in traditional art (i.e. oils, acrylics, etc) but now I have started doing them digitally as well.  This way I can explore the digital software and do my own brushes etc whilst trying to show how this amazing place looks like…

Whilst walking along the paths of South West England I am just in awe of the views and I have always wanted to paint them – but how do I do these views any justice?

  • Heading Down the River Otter, 2020 (Watercolour)
  • Sidmouth, 2019 (Digital Art)
  • Berry Cliff, Branscombe, 2019 (Digital Art)
  • Sidmouth Beach, 2020 (Digital Art)

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