The Warped World Series

In this World everything is spiky, surreal, flimsy, faded, or melting…

The Warped World series is a kind of a picture album of global issues as seen and / or perceived by me with all my faults and limitations, and artistic imagination.

Although I am not an activist in the real sense of the word (full time job and too much to loose, lets be honest), I am a politically, socially, and environmentally engaged citizen.  I see the wrong and the good, and many of the various shades of grey in between.  I see and feel, the damage, the injustice, the unfairness.  I see and feel the needs and pain of the ones left behind and struggling, and see how easy it is for any of us to loose and be left behind too.  One day you are comfortable, the next day you are not…  Some have never been comfortable, with none of it being their fault despite what the media and politicians would love us to believe.

I cannot see the whole picture – no one can. I try to do my bit through changes in lifestyle and political awareness.  But I alone cannot change a village, let alone a country or the world.

The Warped World series is a digital series. It started as I was gradually learning what the computer software could do and not do.  I came across the warp brush.  It could do very strange spiky, weird effects in line with the spikiness and weirdness of the times we live at the moment.  That is how the Warped World series was born.

It has grown beyond the warp brush and there is also collage as with ‘Drowning in Plastic’ where I wrapped the woman in many differently shaped plastic bags to create her clothing.  It is fun despite the themes, and it will grow organically.

  • Warped World - Exit Strategy, 2020 (Digital Art)
  • Warped World - The Monster's Belly, 2019 (Digital Art)
  • Warped World - Drowning in Plastic, 2019 (Digital Art)
  • Warped World - Serfdom, 2019 (Digital Art)
  • Warped World - Field of Scissors, 2019 (Digital Art)

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