Illustrations and Sketches

Some artists are very meticulous and sketch everything several times before they progress the idea to its final medium. I am very chaotic and when I have something in mind I go straight into it. So I don’t do much sketching and when I do, I tend to sketch on pencil or charcoal with occasional colouring.

The result of course is that lack of practice does not make perfect and the results could do with much improving!

Line drawings are great fun – They remind me of the drawings we used to do at primary school during Patience’s day.

  • Bluebells, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Brambles, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • The Green Woman, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Dry Flowers, 2020 (Ink Pen and Watercolour)
  • Tinder Dry, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Olives, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Bystock Pools, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Artist's Fungus, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Honeysuckle, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Rose Hips, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Cookworthy Moor, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Woodford Hedgerow, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • Old Post Office, Tintagel, 2020 (Ink Pen)
  • The Castle Walls, 2020 (Biro Pen)

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