Glass and Mirror

I started painting on glass when I decided to paint some jars as home-made Christmas presents.

Glass paints can be water-based or oil-based. Mixing water and oil based paints usually makes for very interesting effects. Textured mediums can also be used

A few old photograph holders and mirrors later…

  • Rockpool II, 2019 (Collage on glass)
  • Jellyfish, 2019 (Pebeo paints on mirror)
  • Poppies, 2018 (Pebeo paints on mirror)
  • Loch Ewe Cove Beach, 2018 (on glass)
  • Ice Cave, 2018 (Pebeo paints on mirror)
  • Gruniard River, 2018 (on glass)
  • Glen Coe, 2018 (on glass)
  • Falmouth Bay, 2018 (on glass)
  • Autumn II, 2018 (on Glass)
  • Sunset, 2018 (Pebeo paints on mirror)

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