Acrylics and Oils


Canvas is the traditional medium. I started with cheaper canvas because, let’s face it, art can be expensive and budgets have been somewhat stagnant or reduced lately. As I became more confident, the quality of the canvas’ increased… and so did the size in some cases!

Most galleries out there expect canvas to be framed so at some point that too becomes something to consider and framing will also become part of the art piece.

Most of my work on canvas is acrylics but there are a few oils. I don’t do many oils because they take a long time to dry, but the colours are just amazingly vibrant.


I find painting on hardboard a good excuse to upcycle good pieces of wood lying around that otherwise would be discarded. Here in the UK we have recycling but in many parts of the World that luxury does not exist. It is also a cheap medium and all you need is a few coats of PVA glue and a coat of acrylic gesso primer and that is your base.  The downside is that if you get serious with your art and want to sell or exhibit, this medium definitely will need to be framed somehow.

  • Nanjizal Beach, Cornwall, 2015 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Lustleigh Cleave 2013, (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Yellow Glow of Winter, 2016 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Ladram Bay, East Devon, 2015 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • 4-Seasons in 1, 2018 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Red, 2018 (Acrylics on Hardboard)
  • Swallows, 2018 (Acrylics on Hardboard)
  • Broken, 2018 (Acrylics on Hardboard)
  • Stormy Sea, Sennen Beach, Cornwall, 2015 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • St Antony's Light House, 2014 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Someone's Pain, 2017 (Oils on Canvas)
  • One Form of Wilderness, 2018 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Highland Cattle, 2018 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Autumn 2015 (Acrylics on Canvas)
  • Sea Scene, South Hams, 2015 (Oil Pastels on Hardboard)
  • After the Fire, 2018 (Acrylics on Canvas)

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