About Anisian Art

I am Cila, a professional geologist and amateur artist.


Where I live the geology is sandstone deposited approximately between 247 and 241 million years ago.  This geological age is called the Anisian, hence the name of this website.

Many moons ago, back in 2008 I felt under the weather…

My husband is the noticing type, and so one day I came back from work to find a pamphlet (deliberately) forgotten on the table.  This contained information about art classes which were to start soon, some miles away from where we lived.

That is how I started and have been progressing ever since.  What I do can have differing reactions but I am not particularly bothered with that. Art has become a kind of therapy which helps with stress at work and has the advantage of being pure fun.

However, it must be said that when you have such hobbies, as art, you start amassing large amounts of material.  Whether they are artworks or not depends on how the viewing person relates to them.  And whether they are liked, disliked, analysed, or good enough to be sold or exhibited depends on far more aspects of life then people think, or the critics would like us to believe.

Anyway, if you like my work and want to tell me, please do – I thank you.

If you don’t like my work and want to tell me, I am fine with that too – but be courteous and constructive.  It would be nice if I could find your comments useful.

If you are a gallery owner and would like some of my work to be exhibited, please get in touch – I don’t, by default, frame my work because such items are expensive but will consider it for exhibits.


What I am showing you in this website are my favourites and I will update every time I finish new pieces.  I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do.