The Castle Walls

The Castle Walls, 2020 (Biro Pen)
The Castle Walls, 2020 (Biro Pen)

The sketch was made with a simple biro pen and the following story summarises my thoughts as I visited the beautiful place that is Marvão in Portugal (located near the city of Portalegre, near the border with Spain)

Once upon a time there was nothing here, just geology
A volcano spewing lava throughout the eons and then growing cold
Soil and rock erosion set in to landscape the hills and the valleys
A hill of granite, the cold volcano core, stood out from the flat surroundings
Then humans took notice, it was high ground, a good view
Probably long before any major fighting took place this was already a convenient spot
Then wars; first at tribal level, then between kingdoms
On top of the granite hill a castle was built, with walls protective of inhabitants and property
Overlooking the flatter terrain for best to see the approaching Enemy
Lives were lost or wounded, walls were destroyed, patched, and re-built Until the castle on the granite hill became a sentinel on the border between two Nations
Today the castle stands on the granite hill, peaceful, and appreciated by visitors
And hopefully there it will remain in peace, now that the two Nations are no longer at war

Ercilia Gardner, 19.09.2020