Heron, a Swamp Cam visit

Heron, 2020 (Digital Art)

At the bottom of our garden there is a wild life camera. We call it Swamp Cam because it captures mostly a wet muddy patch with a trickle of flowing water at best. However, we have caught a reasonably healthy number of domestic (the neighbourhood cats, including ours), and various wild creatures, from rodents, to mammals, to birds. Also visiting (we see them, but they are not caught on camera) are those sleek and shy creatures that do not fly low enough to trigger our camera into video action, i.e. bats and owls.

A few weeks ago a Heron visited in the early hours of the morning. He or she was looking for fish in the muddy waters but I am afraid it left disappointed. The Heron’s visit inspired me to create a Swamp Cam series and this is the first in the series. Over time I will be drawing the creatures that visit us.

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