The Swing

The Swing, 2020 (Digital Art)

It does not matter if it is just another walk, on another old native woodland in the UK, something always attracts my attention.

This time, circling around a forested hill just like an ancient defensive moat, there was a deep path, sunken between steep v-shaped slopes with large overhanging beech trees. I wandered around, up and down, this ancient place like a child in wander. It was not until I was high above the path that I noticed the three old Witch-like beech trunks and the swing. There is always a swing in these places. Children, teens, and adults alike have enjoyed this ancient place before me. But this time, the light conditions were such, that below this swing there was an abyss, and the land on the other side was lost in light. And the Witch-trees appeared to say “Beware”…

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