No Life Lasts Forever

No life lasts forever.  No, and just like Ammonites that evolved, became widespread, and thrived for 140 millions years, one unexpected factor or a combination of factors was enough to bring the end.  Ammonites had no control over their environment but Man can.  Ammonites eventually went extinct roughly 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period and whilst it is highly unlikely that Man will become extinct any time soon, collectively it appears to be doing its damn best to make its existence harder.  So it is very encouraging to know that there are very clever people out there try their damn best to bring about change and practical solutions for the problems we face.  This collage was made using bits and pieces from magazine articles on waste and solutions to avoid waste and contamination.  Think positive!

No Life Lasts Forever, 2020 (Collage)
No Life Lasts Forever, 2020 (Collage)

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