Walking along a deciduous woodland in the UK during Spring can be full of surprises.  In late Spring you expect or hope you will see the native Bluebells.  And often you are not disappointed – a small patch here and there, a few along this hedge and that. Some areas are well known for their usual displays and are very popular.  Unfortunately, despite their beauty, I now know that a wild flower carpet should have a wide variety of wild flowers and that the presence of just one type of wild flower alone is actually a sign that the local environment has yet to recover from Man’s activity.  I am new at this woodland walking and this Spring I came across carpets and carpets of Bluebells where I was not expecting.  A sea of that kind of blue I can never replicate in painting.  This was a small patch I found in a shaded area amongst the roots of a large Beech tree.  I was absolutely delighted!

Bluebells, 2020 (Ink Pen)
Bluebells, 2020 (Ink Pen)

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