Peace under Attack

I have always been a bit afraid of using bold colour in watercolours because I find it difficult to fix mistakes in a watercolour medium.  On the other hand, I have often been disappointed with my watercolours because the colours end up being too faint.  Can never be pleased!

This one started as an experiment with bold colours and evolved into my interpretation of the current events in the US.  There are always some too happy to exploit people’s complacency and fears in order to achieve their own interests and goals, regardless of the ultimate consequences.  And later when people protest against the unfair and crippling consequences, there are always some equally happy to heavy handle the situation, to take it one step further, killing and damaging lives, causing more fear, and degrading the situation even further.

What is happening in the US has not been uncommon in the World, and unfortunately it is not surprising either.  Peace comes under attack every time, everywhere, or whenever events such as these happen.  And Man’s trust in Man comes under attack as well, exactly as intended.  Divide and conquer has always been the perfect strategy.  The thorns continue to grow around Peace.

Peace under Attack, 2020 (Watercolour)
Peace under Attack, 2020 (Watercolour)

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