Willow, The Dog

Hello, my name is Willow.

I live with Mum; she does not look like me, but she loves me and I love her, and that is all I care about.  My pack consists of Marley (he looks like me), and Penny, Nick, and Cila (they look like Mum).  I used to have a Dad that looked like Mum, but I have not seen him for a while. They say he died. What does it mean to die? I look at the door, will he be back some day?

Supposedly, I am a Border Collie; I don’t know what that is, but it must be OK because I am much loved.

Allegedly, I was born nine years ago; it is a human thing, I wouldn’t know myself. All I know is that I can no longer run like I used to, I limp, and I am in pain but I am too busy playing ball to show it.

Apparently, I am riddled with the big C; I have no idea what it is, all I know is that they put something in my food that makes me feel better and the human in the white coat moves his head from side to side and casts a pitiful look at Mum.

I love chewing things, they call toys; I don’t know for sure what a toy is but I like to see and remove the fluffy bits inside it.

And I absolutely love playing ball. All balls. All sizes. All mine! Well I have to share my ball with my older brother Marley, but he is OK because he does not like running very far to get it, so I get it all to myself in the end. Rumour has it that Marley is deaf; I am not sure what that is but Marley is a good sentinel and a very competent barker.

Day after day I run along the river and sometimes into the river when I can, and play, and play, and life is good!

Ercilia Gardner, 28.04.2020

Willow, 2020 (Ink Pen)

Willow, 2020 (Ink Pen)