Detail of a Cornish Wall

I love modern but I also love the old. I love progress, if it is for the benefit of all but I also love respect for the past.  The idea is to live, to learn and to improve.

Unfortunately, more often than not, human beings just live blindly, love nothing, learn nothing, respect nothing, and consequently regress…

This derelict Cornish wall was, in its Heyday, carefully built with an ability now almost lost and whilst beauty was not necessarily its main purpose, the craft was nonetheless appreciated and the build was true to its surroundings and the local resources.  The result was a landscape element both beautiful, purposeful, and if maintained properly, with a design live that puts modern builds to shame.

Alas, build cheap, use, abuse, neglect, and discard still seems to be the name of the game.  I wonder how much hardship it will take for this “game” to change…

Detail of a Cornish Wall, 2020 (Ink Pen)

Detail of a Cornish Wall, 2020 (Ink Pen)