Rockpool II

The shape of the plastic wrapping to duty-free bottles inspired this one.  Rockpools enchant me me and our systematic pollution of the oceans continues to worry me.

Whilst thankfully there are changes in perception and knowledge, the issue still divides people and policy makers, and a lot of misinformation, deception, and lack of understanding of the bigger picture is still abundant.  Acknowledgement that plastic is an issue was the first step, but lack of understanding of the potential problems related to the current alternatives is still not giving people pause for thought.  We are always so quick to judge and want change instantly.  However, sometimes we are not good enough at actually understanding the full picture and end up substituting one problem for another.  Maybe small steps with the aid of sound science is best…

This is a painting / collage on glass using glass paints, texture beads, and plastic items. It was the last work I finished in 2019. 2020 is here!

Rockpool II, 2019 (Collage)

Rockpool II, 2019 (Collage on glass)