Views from South West England

I love walking, that is a fact.  But I am fortunate that I am able to be fussy; I like walking along forests, coastal paths, beaches… I like cities but in small doses.  I love the wind on my face, the smell of the sea, the sounds of birds, trees, streams, ocean – all the sounds that get added to your archetypal yoga music collection!

Whilst walking along the paths of South West England I am just in awe of the views and I have always wanted to paint them – but how do I do these views any justice?

I have done a small few already in traditional art (i.e. oils, acrylics, etc) but now I have started doing them digitally as well.  This way I can explore the digital software and do my own brushes etc whilst trying to show how this amazing place looks like…

This is a view of Lyme Bay from Berry Cliff, a mini-undercliff located in East Devon.  For those who have no idea what this means, the Berry Cliff undercliff is a section of cliff that slid down over 100 years ago and formed a land step half way down the cliff.  Nowadays they just look like a kind of benign landslide.  There are a number of these scattered across the South West of England with the biggest and most famous being the Lyme Regis Undercliff which is a protected area of geological interest. They are peppered through out other parts of coastal England too, and inland as well.

Berry Cliff is a hidden heaven of peace, forest, and overgrowth with small holiday homes nested between its trees and gorse bushes, accessed by narrow paths and steps. There is no access for cars! Don’t get fooled though, these areas are geologically active, and the land usually continues to slide down the cliff, though at a very slow pace.  But the signs are there: steps and fences out of alignment, the odd rock block here and there which has come down the cliff above, and trees which appear to have lost their balance…

On my most recent visit the sea fog was coming in wisps and sheets, almost hiding the red cliffs of Triassic sandstone in the background.

Berry Cliff, Branscombe, 2019 (Digital Art)
Berry Cliff, Branscombe, 2019 (Digital Art)

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