The Monster’s Belly

I remember years ago the Disney’s stories of uncle Scrooge Mcduck (Donald Duck’s uncle) where he was always shown counting his money.  And in the magazines, the media would ask some celebrity or other, what they thought they would be doing in twenty years time, and the response would be “counting my money” – that was Madonna’s response actually.  It sounded witty at the time but in today’s setting it is not even funny.

The World has gone mad and “counting my money” is no longer enough for some people.  They now need to make more, and more, with no regard to the consequences to people, the environment, or even nations.

I had an image in my head.  At first it was a large underground cave with underground polluted streams of oil, money, and weaponry coming in.  The theme makes me uncomfortable and I liked even less what this digital painting turned into – the fleshy belly of a monster with ulcers oozing money, blood, and oil.  All coming into the monster’s stomach ready for indigestion.

The painting is a mess just like what it represents…

Warped World - The Monster's Belly

Warped World – The Monster’s Belly, 2019 (Digital Art)

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