Warped World -Drowning in Plastic

Drowning in plastic… That is us, men, women and children all over the world.  It is not just in the oceans, it is everywhere; in clothes, in cosmetics, in food, in water, in things that matter, in things that don’t matter, in essentials, and non-essentials.  In our jobs, in our hobbies.  Our oceans are drowning in discarded plastic, our land is drowning in discarded plastic.  We are becoming plastic: the fashion we are persuaded to wear and discard, the cosmetics we are brain-washed to use, the pharmaceuticals and chemicals we need and don’t need.  Plastic (mostly an oil derivative) is a wonder group for essentials and is not going away, at least whilst oil is still available.  Science can help find alternatives and environmentally friendly plastics but needs more funding and needs to be less subject to lobbying and third party interests.  And us? Maybe we can be persuaded not to use it when we can use better alternatives, not use it at all when we don’t need to, to reuse when we can, and to recycle when we can. Small changes in lifestyle can do wonders but it only works if we all do it.

My mermaid / woman is wrapped in plastic and is made of plastic…

Warped World - Drowning in Plastic s

Warped World – Drowning in Plastic, 2019

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