Warped World – Serfdom

When I was growing up, there was a sea of optimism.  There was a feeling that society was changing for the better.  We were getting wealthier.  More jobs, more money, more freedom, a whole World out there for us to explore.  Still I could see them everywhere, ill, homeless and lonely, looking at a World they could not take part in.  There was a hope their lives would change too.  I was too young to understand it all fully, and still don’t fully.  Since then, life has gone backwards and forwards, some benefited, others did not.  What appeared to have changed for the best, now looks flimsy and false. Some have good jobs but are entrapped in huge mortgages and stagnating salaries.  Others hoped for good jobs only to struggle to find what they hoped for.  Others are well and want to remain that way.  Debt, illness, and dissatisfaction are everywhere, and so is the fear of loosing what you already have.   The ones left behind are still ill, homeless and lonely, and are still looking at a World they cannot not take part in. Only, the World they keep looking at from a distance is only slightly less precarious then their own World. Without help it is easier for us to end up in their World, then it is for them to come to our World.  It all feels so separate and far and yet it is not! There is hope but a long battle ahead as well, specially for the younger generations whose prospects have suffered.  But they are up for the battle – they are stronger than their parents ever give them credit for! I just hope we can all learn from past mistakes and get our priorities right once and for all.

Warped World - Serfdom, 2019

Warped World – Serfdom (digital art)

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