Giant Landscape

Back in 2017 I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.  As a geologist, a landscape like this usually drives me to tears, and not even the presence of crowds of tourists can prevent that.  In view of the effect it has on my emotions, I tend to shy away from painting these scenes, and when I do, I feel there is nothing I can do to make it justice. This was no exception; I came back home, made a sketch in acrylics, then proceeded to canvas, was not too sure of the result, put the canvas and acrylics sketch away and forgot about it.

Today, nearly two years after, I put the two side by side for the first time and I am still not sure I like any of it, artistic licence etc etc… but the exercise was interesting.

The sketch was done on a A3 pastels paper with green background which inadvertently gives it a bit of an aquatic look. The canvas is wider and makes the cliff in the background look twice as far away.  And I am still bloody crap at representing the human figure!

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