Warped World…

This is the final version of the pastel sketch I did for last New Years Eve.

“Warped World – Field of Scissors” is a digital painting that came about, because I was thinking of how these days women can sometimes feel trapped between natural physical appearance and what look is expected of them.  As a teen I avoided all beauty magazines and eventually stopped buying even the music magazines.  This minimised my exposure to unrealistic expectations of beauty and worked to my advantage.  There are many ways to deal with the issue, and each person is different and will find their own way.  Still, so many women have felt trapped, and many more have struggled with the damage done, mentally and physically, and now even men are starting to feel the heat.  Whilst some may say that equality is being addressed, to my mind two wrongs do not make it right.  It is difficult for so many to retain their mental and physical integrity regardless of their sex – It is not a new struggle but it is more visible and is affecting people at younger ages…

Warped World - Field of Scissors, 2019

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