Carry On Regardless

“Carry On Regardless” is my take on the current ‘progress without appraisal of the consequences’ way of life.  I got some shredded waste paper from the office (nothing sensitive!) and some bits of Tescos magazine (that they insist on sending via the post), and made a collage on canvas.

One day, maybe in my lifetime, people may be able to lie down looking up at the trees (like in the canvas), in the knowledge that the worth of a place like that and its value to humans in terms of well being, is being assessed appropriately when human progress is considered.

Carry On Regardless, 2018
Collage on canvas made with bits of magazine and shredded paper waste from the office.


Another one on mirror, “Sunset” was made with Pebeo oil and water based paints on an old toilet mirror rescued from a garden centre toilet earmarked for demolition.  The frame which was bare pine, was cleaned and oiled with Danish oil.

The painting was based on a photograph my husband took of the sunset when we were on holiday in the Algarve, Portugal.  The photograph was under exposed which gave it a very red appearance.  I was enchanted.

Here is the result after framing.

Sunset, 2018