Welcome to Anisian Art

I am an amateur artist which started painting some years back.  I use my website to show my art and my doodles and will be using the following posts to show new pieces as I finish them. ENJOY!

Badger Set

Badger Set, (Ink Pen), 2020
Badger Set, (Ink Pen), 2020

The Badger is a beautiful animal, loved by so many but hated by so many in the Agriculture Industry due to its potential for suffering and spreading bovine tuberculosis. Whilst it is understandable that the spreading of TB to meat and dairy cattle causes undeniable issues to farmers and the food chain, this is yet another example of Human activities encroaching into ever decreasing wild habitats, which then brings wild animals into closer contact with humans and their food sources. There are ways and means to minimise contact without unnecessary extreme measures and there should be no need for hatred towards the animal, just an understanding of the situation and adequate problem solving and response.  After all aren’t humans supposed to be rational?

A white in black sketch, to reflect the black and white attitudes ever so prevalent in Human society.

New Year, New Colour

Bearded Reedling, 2021
Bearded Reedling, 2021

Strange times… Those of you out there that live or have lived in dictatorial nations will recognise the on-going signs: the fear, the distrust, the censored discussion, the bullying, the restricted movement, the resignation, the anger, the fatigue, the numbness, the powerlessness, and the abuse of power.  Those of us who hadn’t lived in such nations are experiencing it all now.  Is it all necessary?  Time will answer that question. History is full of instances where too little was done or too much was done – complacency versus panic…  One thing is certain, there is already too much collateral damage which will come back to haunt us all.   

So I started the year with colour in the hope that it may bring a little smile to someone’s face, in hope that not too many will have suffered needlessly, and in hope that it will be over soon…

Once Upon a Sky…

Once upon a Sky, 2020 (Digital Art)
Once upon a Sky, 2020 (Digital Art)

Once upon a time, not so long ago, travelling west from work I spied a beautiful setting sun and a cloudscape that took my breath away. Next thing I know, I am trying to recreate from memory what I saw that evening with a bit of help from artistic licence.

A small yellow fiery ball amongst a sky of threatening rain clouds above the ocean far away towards the West, and the last swallows looking for a resting place for the night before flying south towards France and Spain.

There are no wind turbines at this location yet, but there may be one day when we finally accept that we cannot rely on oil forever…

Artist’s Fungi

Artist's Fungus, 2020 (Ink Pen)
Artist’s Fungus, 2020 (Ink Pen)

Autumn is a time of colour and variety. Fungi of all shapes, sizes, and colours choose this time of the year to fruit. And guess what, artists have a fungus of their own!

The Artist’s Fungus is a large fan-shaped bracket fungus of the Ganoderma species, edible (I am told by various books), with knobbly upper surfaces in concentric ridges. It is found on dead and living trucks of deciduous trees. What makes it our own is that the underside is fine, whitish or cream like an artist’s canvas, which bruises brown when you write or draw on it. This peculiarity is what has allowed fungi guide books to describe this fungus as having “artistic opportunities”.

The downside, some guide books tell me, is that if it colonises a living tree it causes serious rot eventually killing the tree.

Dry Flowers

Dry Flowers, 2020 (Ink Pen and Watercolour)
Dry Flowers, 2020 (Ink Pen and Watercolour)

What to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon when you are suffering from painter’s block?  Well, home can sometimes provide the inspiration quite unexpectedly.   I focused on the arrangement of dry flowers on my kitchen table and what a pleasure that was!  The variety of textures, the radial flow, and the assortment of shapes – suddenly the block disappeared and fascination took over. I cannot say the same about the vacuum cleaning which got forgotten that afternoon…